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Imedia8 is an award-winning digital solutions provider working with some of the biggest companies, NGO and Not-for-Profit organisations in the world.

Our mission is to deliver measurable productivity gains for our clients by creating tools that drive efficiency into the heart of the workplace, freeing staff time away from admin tasks.

We are specialists in Digital Asset Management and Custom Workflow Software and our Newsroom platform has won international awards. 

Organise, integrate, distribute, streamline, innovate, support, automate, share, enhance, manage, adapt, create, control, communicate, connect, unlock, promote...

Our skills


Digital Asset Management

Sector leaders in digital asset management technology for over a decade, specialising in news distribution for global NGOs and asset management workflows for large businesses.



Thoughtful and creative approach to design combined with structured development and unrivalled ongoing support.


Custom Software Development

Experienced in creating specialist software and workflow systems to deliver cost-savings in both traditional and tech industry sectors.


Mobile App Development

Design and build of mobile apps utilising best features of devices to simplify tasks and improve efficiency.

Why us?


Over 15 years in business and always at the cutting edge of the technology revolution.

We listen

Understanding your organisation, structure and methods allows us to better implement solutions that work for today and the future. 

Bespoke solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all answer – every client is unique with individual needs and we match this with our approach.

Satisfied clients

We have worked with our currently-active client list for a total of over 250 years!

A few of our clients

Below is a small selection of our current clients, click on the button to see more and some case studies of how we have supported them.


Let's get talking

We have an experienced and enthusiastic team of technologists and problem-solvers so why not get in touch to talk – we won’t baffle you with tech-speak and a chat costs nothing!

Data is at the heart of all good business strategy, make sure Imedia8 is at the heart of your data strategy