We strive to go the extra mile for our clients and place customer service at the heart of everything we do.

24/7 support from Imedia8 truly means round-the-clock coverage as our NGO clients experience regularly as we manage multimedia uploads and news distribution from around the world at any time on their behalf.

"Excel at customer service, exceed their expectations and your customers will exceed your expectations."

Our clients

We are lucky enough to have worked with some of the largest companies and biggest brands in the world who have required our specialist skills and experience to create digital solutions. If you would like to know more about what we have achieved for them and what we could achieve for you please get in touch with us here

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Case studies


The International Committee of the Red Cross started working with Imedia8 in 2008 and currently their Multimedia Newsroom sits on our fourth generation fully-customised platform.

Their initial requirement was to increase the broadcast and media coverage that their unique content received. In the decade spent in partnership with Imedia8 the Multimedia Newsroom has grown to 4,000 registered users, over 500 published stories, over 1,500,000 video streams and logged thousands of hours of broadcast time on major channels around the world. 

As a full-service client the ICRC benefit from 24/7 account management where we provide support to respond at any time of day or night. With crises developing in locations like Syria, Myanmar and further afield such a service is regularly called-upon where our overnight team will produce and publish stories with integrated asset support. 

Being based in Geneva we also make sure we catch up in-person on our regular visits - one of the senior Imedia8 team travels to Geneva on a monthly basis to meet our Swiss clients.


Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is a respected New York based NGO with 400 staff around the world who are extremely active in creating content but like many NGO had a disparate approach to Digital Asset Management and news distribution. 

Sitting on a semi-custom platform from Imedia8 HRW's Newsroom today house over 700 published stories, over 2,000 images and nearly 1,500 video files. Importantly for HRW was the ability to publish stories in any language and so the semi-custom platform was developed to handle every language and alphabet. Today there are stories published in 38 languages, including Japanese, Armenian, Arabic, Hebrew and Thai. 

As part of the semi-custom option Human Rights Watch choose to manage the platform internally. However, there are regular contact meetings online and HRW are able to take advantage of the platform updates released in the same way as a full-service client. 


Turner Broadcasting

Turner Broadcasting is the division of WarnerMedia that owns some of the biggest TV brands in the world, including CNN and Cartoon Network. As a major content creator they provide in-flight video content to major airlines across the world. However, before engaging Imedia8 the process of updating client airlines about new programming was a slow and out-dated process using physical media. 

Imedia8 was brought in to utilise our experience in video asset management, streaming and secure distribution to provide an online platform where the workflow could be almost entirely automated. 

Today the platform is home to over 30,000 individual program episodes that can be accessed by approved airline partners to preview content and make instant decisions about what programming to carry on their flights. The system has reuslted in considerable time and cost savings for both the client and their customers - win-win. 


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